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We have some wonderful wines on offer and we know you'll like at least one.

2010 Bergerac Red -
100% Merlot, Organic

2010 Bergerac Red Oaked -
100% Merlot, Organic.  A special limited run of the 2010 aged in oaked barrels.

2017 Bergerac Rose-
A blend of Merlot and Cabernet grapes.  A light, fruity, dry rose. 

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Organic wines from Domaine de Beauregard

glossary of wine terms

Vendage - The harvest. We use both machines and man powere to pick the grapes. The advantages of man power is that we can leave grapes that may damage to them.

Grappoir – Destemmer. A machine that takes the grapes off the stems and lightly breaks them open before being pumped straight in the cuvees. 

Cuvees - large vats in which the wine is made. We have varying sizes from 250 litres up to 10,000 litres and made from either stainless steel or epoxy resin.

Tailler - Pruning - The tedious task which takes a good 3 months to prune the 35,000 vines that we have. We spend about 30 seconds on each vine and leave one branch for the coming summer plus one for the year after then prune the rest

Rognage - Once the vines have grown a bit and we have lifted the wires to get them into a bush shape we use a machine which cuts the tops and sides to keep them from growing too high and wide.